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Everybody needs relationships with other people. If these relationships go, the outcome can be fear and loneliness. Here are some ideas about how to overcome periods of loneliness.

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Many people are lonely – and this is particularly true for prosperous countries like Germany where society is very individualistic. However, this is also very true of people who have fled to Germany from societies where family ties and friendships play a greater role than they do here.

Reasons for loneliness

Loneliness can have many causes: old age, illness, poverty, separation from the family due to moving or fleeing, loss of a job or social status, retirement, death of someone close to you … and in the past year or so, of course, the contract restrictions due to the corona pandemic.

People don’t like to talk about loneliness because it is often seen as a stigma or failing. But you don’t need to be ashamed because everybody can feel lonely at some time. If you have a living relationship with God, you know that you can always talk to Him. That does you good – but people still need relationships with other people.

Help against loneliness

Are you lonely or want to help somebody who’s lonely? Here are a few thoughts on what to do:

  • Decide to look for and invest in trusting relationships. Realise that this will take time and don’t get frustrated if it does take a while! You need people who sympathise with your situation, accept you as you are, and are glad to spend time with you.

  • What perspectives are there for your life? Don’t let yourself be overcome by self-pity but rather look for ways of getting to know other people – ideally by doing things you enjoy yourself, e.g. sport in a sports club or singing in a choir.

  • A clearly structured schedule to your day can help prevent you getting depressed. Get out in the fresh air as much as you can. Being outdoors in the world of nature is good for your soul!

  • Take time to enjoy music, reading and other things that do you good when you’re on your own.

  • Be open and courageous in striking out on new paths! Sometimes, an impulse from someone else can be helpful in revealing some aspect of your behaviour that may be making it more difficult for you to build up new relationships and then help you to work on changing that behaviour.

God won’t leave you

Your life will change fundamentally if you build up a living relationship with God. He is guaranteed to be always at your side. God’s promise: “I will not let you fall and will not leave you.” (Joshua 1:5). Turn to Jesus Christ, the resurrected one, and trust your life to Him: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16). Maybe the person who drew your attention to Deutschland-Begleiter.de can help you here.

In the Bible God calls on us to tell him our needs (e.g. Psalm 50:15). You can be sure that He will understand you and answer your prayer – even though the answer is sometimes different from what you expected.

If you’re already living with God, even small rituals or symbols can be a help in remembering His promises. For example, light a candle when you’re praying as a sign of God’s presence. Carry a small heart made of wood or clay/ceramic in your pocket. When you feel it in your hand, you’ll be reminded of God’s love for you. And start every day with a prayer of thanks.

In a Christian church you will find fellowship with other Christians. Together you can praise God and encourage each other to live with God.


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