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Opportunities opening up in the corona crisis

What opportunities is the corona crisis opening up for you? How can followers of Jesus Christ handle this crisis? And why is much of their response embedded in German culture?

Opportunities opening up in the corona crisis

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Corona – a virus rules the world. Nobody is safe from a virus that is dominating the world of politics and business, thoughts and conversations – and indeed all our dealings with one another.
How can we think and act in the corona crisis? Is this crisis opening up some new opportunities? We would like to pass on some thoughts based on the Christian faith and the Christian view of humanity. Both have shaped German culture for centuries. And to a significant extent, they still form the foundations of how we interact with one another in Germany – even though a great many people no longer share this faith.

Christian answers to the corona crisis

The Christian belief that every life is of equal value is shared by almost everybody in Germany. This is actually reflected in the current corona crisis, e.g. in the frequently seen solidarity shown to the old and weak, but also to small firms and the like.

For people who know and trust the God of the Bible and try to live their lives by His will, the results may be as described below:
First, they don’t get into a panic about the virus because they know their lives are in God’s hands. Even if they die of Covid-19, they know they are safe in Jesus Christ – for all eternity. Because that is what He promised. A Christian’s faith in God is a sure foundation – in life, death, and beyond.
Second, they take due care and avoid endangering other people by keeping to the government’s corona rules and guidelines. In other words, they do not meet or celebrate in groups or risk unnecessary physical contact to non-family members just because they think nothing can happen to them. But so as not to completely do without (virtual) fellowship with other Christians many Christian churches are holding online services.
Third, Christians do not just look after themselves, panic-buying food or toilet rolls, with the result that other people face empty shelves. On the contrary, they look to see if they can do the shopping for old or infirm neighbours or help them in other everyday matters.

How valuable are human beings in the time of corona?

In Germany every human being is of equal value – whether man or woman, child or adult, poor or rich. What they are worth cannot be measured in money terms. Everybody is to receive the same care and medical treatment. That is why politicians in Germany consider medical necessities to be more significant than economic ones.

How powerful will we let the virus be?

Corona is the Latin word for a victor’s crown. The German word Krone is derived from it. As Christians, we will never allow a virus to rule over our thoughts and lives. This rule is God’s alone. Only He deserves the crown as the symbol of His rule.

Opportunities in the crisis

In the final analysis, the corona crisis opens up opportunities for all of us – a chance to refocus on our dealings with one another (despite 2 m social distancing), to help one another, and to talk and pray together. After all, that's possible by phone or social media.

You can use the time you may have to spend at home to slow down and ask yourself the important questions in life: Where have I really come from, and what am I living for?

The corona virus as a life-giving impulse

Why not see this crisis as God knocking on your door and giving you a chance for a radical change of direction in your life. Corona can be the impulse you need you to turn to the living God and bring your life in order with God. That way, the corona virus will prove be a life-giving impulse for you, because you will then enjoy eternal life – with precisely this God in heaven. This is our heart-felt wish for you. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have: Deutschland-Begleiter.de/questions

If you have any questions about how to stop this virus spreading further and protect yourself and others from infection, this video may prove helpful: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8e_KEwWgPM

God bless!


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